Sirsa, consulting firm in sustainable transformation.


When things are moving too quickly,Sirsa helps you make time for strategy.

Markets, regulations and demands are constantly changing and the imperative for responsiveness makes it difficult to take informed action. Companies have to address unprecedented challenges and risks, yet going too fast is often detrimental. At Sirsa, we believe in the benefits of long-term planning. Our ambition is to help you elaborate a long-term strategy: the only one that will get you on the right track.


When transformation is too complex,Sirsa helps you create your roadmap and reach your goals.

Our objective is to help you realize your sustainable transformation. Once the impetus is given, the entire organisation will have to change — which is why we share our expertise with all professions at operational level. Only this day-to-day work provides tangible and lasting results.


When there is too much information,Sirsa puts order – and intelligence – in data.

Data helps us face reality. That is, if we know what to look for and how to interpret the results. When used correctly, it can provide useful and constructive information – nothing less, nothing more. Making the full use of data: that is Sirsa’s mission.