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Guiding You Through Each Step of The Investment Process.

Experts in finance, Sirsa can guide you on investment practices in a changing world. Sirsa can help you measure risks, obtain information on your investments, and report progress to your investors. Going beyond reporting and regulatory obligations, Sirsa can also help you raise awareness on ESG topics within your investment teams, to improve practices.

Establishing your responsible investment strategy.

Sirsa helps you formalise your ESG and Impact policies, in keeping with your strategy and regulatory expectations (SFRD, Article 29…).

Meeting compliance requirements.

Sirsa helps you formalize policies to take into account sustainability, principal adverse impacts and remuneration risks, as well as structure your Article 6, 8 and 9 financial products. Beyond formalisation, Sirsa will guide investors on the operational rollout of these obligations along the investment process, while integrating EU Taxonomy alignment and compliance to the Article 29 law on Energy and Climate.

Evaluating risks and investment opportunities.

Whether it concerns sustainability or QHSE aspects, Sirsa can carry out a due diligence procedure and help you identify the main ESG stakes, the maturity of the company on these stakes and the associated risks and opportunities of your target acquisitions. The level of analysis provided is adapted to your needs and to the context.

Measuring performance across time and reporting progress to your investors.

Sirsa will help you monitor the performance of your investments, from the definition of the reporting scope to the ad hoc scoring methodology, data collection and analysis, and production of reports for your investors.

Providing support to your equity stakes.

Depending on the specific needs of each company, Sirsa provides ad-hoc support, from the definition of a CSR strategy to its operational rollout and the monitoring of performance indicators (e.g. responsible purchases, carbon footprint assessments, ISO certifications).

Training your team.

Sirsa conducts ESG training sessions to raise awareness on regulatory changes and market practices within your teams. This allows them to adapt their practices and facilitate dialogue with portfolio companies or investors on sustainability.

Defining and measuring your impact.

Sirsa helps you define, monitor and implement a methodology to evaluate your impact, in keeping with your fund’s commitments to sustainability.

Fighting against climate change.

Analysing physical and transition risks associated with climate change in a pre-investment stage or during specific reviews of the portfolio has become a necessity. Sirsa will help you define your climate policy, assess the portfolio’s performance and act in keeping with a climate trajectory, while determining your alignment with the EU taxonomy. Sirsa also has several methods of calculating the portfolio companies’ carbon footprint.

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